Our Fruits

Picked by Fruit Gurus

Every week, our professional produce buyers determines the weekly curation. These buyers are generation owned grocery store owners or fresh produce distributors who can provide insights on various fruits at a local level. They check and taste every fruit at the market at 2:00 AM before we purchase. These fruit guru teaches us knowlege on fruit selection, ripening, and handling essentials. They are the heroes who make each KitcheNet’s box vibrant and delicious.

Hand Packed by Produce Specialists

Our produce specialist hand select each fruit item to ensure the quality. Once checked, they will repack everything into the KitcheNet signature craft box and blue pints to be delivered to your office. All items are delivered within 24 hours of packing.

Global Fruits and Local Produce

To guarantee produce variety, the majority of our fruits are sourced globally. That way you can get the gold kiwis from New Zealand, Asian Pear from Korea, and Dragon Fruits from Ecuador. During the summer season, we will increase local sourcing to include peaches, plums, blueberries, apples from local farmers.

As for produce, we are tapping into the local urban farm communities. Our vegetables are locally sourced from various small size farmers. Giving back to the community.