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Deliver Fruits and Veggies

Build Healthy Communities

 Making eating healthy easy at workspace, neighborhood spaces, one hub at a time


More Than Giving Food to People in Need


 Our hub-based delivery model makes fresh fruits and veggies more available and affordable. Making healthy eating easier for everyone.

 We want to empower community members to create their own healthy eating narrative in certain underserved communities. At our impact hubs, we provide additional nutritional workshops, and provide our delivery service at a discount. 

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Workspace Delivery

Making workspace happier and healthier

We target the place that is often neglected: the workspace!

Our fresh fruit boxes are office desk friendly, it's the perfect guilt-free snack! 




Empower underserved communities to own healthy eating narratives

We build trust in the underserved communities.

We bring relatable and affordable produce, and superior customer service to empower customers.


Urban Farmers

Reduce food waste and increase revenue for urban farmers

We help reduce food waste, increase revenue for the urban growers.

We support  job training for previously incarcerated people and sustainable city farming.


Our Partners