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Mission Driven Office Fruit Delivery

Curated For those who want to Do more

Take Office Fruits on an Adventure

Go Bananas on Variety: From lychees to dragon fruits, we will include anything imaginable the seasonality allows. No more reasons to hate the office fruits!

Picked by “Fruit Gurus”: Unlike your Instacart or Amazon Prime pickers who know very little about the produce, we rely on produce experts to pick the weekly selection. Our experts taste everything before they make it to your box. So no moldy strawberries.

Zero Leftover Policy: When leftover happens, we host parties to celebrate healthy eating!



Healthy Fruits that Give Back

“Buy one for one”: 1 Month of Office Fruit Delivery could support 1 Fresh Pop-Up market in the local food deserts, increasing fresh food access to benefit 500+ families at once.

Empowering Community Heroes: Our goal is to build sustainable local economic opportunities through these pop-up farmers markets, so we can create job opportunities for local youth and support local farms.

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