Our Produce

Each week we curate a different selection of fruits and veggies, Pack and deliver them to locations convenient to you (work, school, community spaces), and include hands-on education to enhance your overall wellness. 

Friendly Fruit Box (Office friendly)

$9.99+tax (Subscription)

Power Produce Bag

$14.99 + tax

What's inside?

1 farm-fresh easy snacking fruit

1 kind of stone fruit

1 kind of conventional fruit

1 kind of fun or exotic fruit

Produce care instruction card

Fruit preparation skill card


3 bunches of greens from a local Southside farm

1-2 kinds of seasonal produce

1 bunch of farm-fresh herbs

1 produce care instruction card

4-5 healthy and innovative recipes


Dedication to Local

During the summer and the fall, 100% of veggies and 75% of fruits are sourced from local farms. 

During the winter and the spring, more produce is sourced from a local Hyde Park grocer.

Impact Based Delivery Pricing

We have three types of delivery hub routes. Each route has a different delivery pricing. Our delivery pricing strategy allows customers pay it forward to foster stronger community wellness program of the underserved clients such as low-income seniors

Relevant Nutritional Education

Each tote/box comes with educational information to enhance your knowledge of the produce we give you because there is no reason to be scared of fruits and veggies. We will give you the best tool to take care of our produce, and let it take care of you and your daily wellness!


Flexibility that Meets you Halfway

Customization: Text back to your weekly confirmation message and indicate the items you do not want to receive. We will replace those items with fruit you are more interested in.

Skipping a week: We offer a weekly and a bi-monthly delivery schedule and you can choose what suits you best. On vacation? Busy? Maybe simply not hungry? Text back to our confirmation text messages to skip a week.

Switching to a different delivery Hub: Since we have multiple delivery hubs, you are welcome to pick up any of the different hubs on the indicated schedule. 

One time trial - Not ready to commit? Try a one time trial!