Impact-Based Pricing

According to our $1-for-1 pricing model, each member of our Workplace Hubs is charged a $1 Impact Fee. The Impact Fee goes directly to supporting our Impact Hubs on the South Side of Chicago.

We want to empower under-served members of the community to create their own healthy eating narratives. At our Impact Hubs, we provide additional nutritional workshops, and provide our delivery service at a discount. 

Our Hubs

Workplace Hub


Whether you are a corporate office in the Loop, or a co-working space bringing people together, you are energetic and powerful, invested in your work and efficient with your time. We want to make it easier to be your best self, so we are bringing the healthy snacking you want seamlessly to your work!

Neighborhood Hub

neighborhood hub(1).jpg

You love farm-fresh and local produce, and you frequent community spaces like coffee shops or churches. Let us meet you halfway between your home and a farm at places you may already be at. 

Impact Hub

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Community members managing chronic diseases, seniors in senior home, working parents supporting families. These are everyday people, pressed for time and energy. We want to provide the tools to healthy and fresh eating, and it's possible through the sponsorship from our Workspace Hubs.

Orders are placed and processed in person.